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Call Waiting
Call Waiting service gives you the convenience of a second telephone, without the cost!

When a call comes in and you are already on the phone, a distinct tone will signal that another call is coming in. You may pick up on the second call by simply depressing the receiver button. Depress the button again, and you are back on the original call.

It's great way to be sure you don't miss important calls!

Cancel Call Waiting
Cancel Call Waiting is an enhancement to the Call Waiting feature and is included when you subscribe to Call Waiting. If you are making an important call and don't want the possible interruption of Call Waiting tones, you may use the Cancel Call Waiting feature. Temporarily deactivate your Call Waiting service by dialing a code before placing a call you don't want interrupted. Regular Call Waiting service is automatically reactivated when you disconnect from that call.

Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding service automatically transfers your incoming calls to any number you specify, local or long distance.

If you spend a week at your cottage at the lake, you can forward calls you receive at home so that they ring at your cottage. If you're visiting your parents and don't want to miss an important call, forward your calls to your parents' number. Or, for business purposes, forward calls from your office to your home so you don't miss any calls.

If you want your calls forwarded to one number (Call Forwarding Fixed), we can program the number for you. If you want to be able to forward your calls to different numbers at different times (Call Forwarding Variable,) you can program the various numbers yourself, at the time you activate the Call Forwarding feature. You can also forward your calls only when you do not answer your telephone (Call Forwarding No Answer) or only when your line is busy (Call Forwarding Busy).

Special Call Forwarding (*63)
Special Call Forwarding (*63) allows you to forward only those incoming calls whose numbers are included on your special list to another telephone number. All remaining calls are not affected by the Call Forwarding feature.

For example, if you're going out for the afternoon, but don't want to miss calls from two important people, you could forward only those calls to your cell phone by programming those two phone numbers into your Special Call Forwarding feature.

Distinctive Ring
The Distinctive Ring feature gives you two telephone numbers on your existing line – each with a different ring. Useful for families with kids (kids use one number, parents the other!) and for home offices (business calls will ring different rather than personal calls). If you subscribe to Call Waiting, the Call Waiting tone will also be distinctive. In addition, you receive a listing in the telephone book for your distinctive ring number.
Data Security
The Data Security feature protects your fax and modem data from loss and interrupted transmissions by giving you a secure line, into which an operator cannot intrude. It also overrides any other features you may have on your line, which could interrupt transmissions, such as Call Waiting or Distinctive Ring. The Data Security feature can be activated and deactivated by you.

Home Intercom
The Home Intercom feature allows you to call from one phone in your home, barn, garage or other outbuilding to another using the same line without adding any special equipment. Dial your own telephone number and listen for the tone, then hang up. All telephones on that line will then ring. When the phone is picked up from one of the other locations (barn, garage, etc.), they all stop ringing – now you may pick up the handset and begin talking to the party at the other location. All parties simply hang up when the conversation is finished.

Remote Activation
The Remote Activation feature allows you to turn Enhanced Calling Features on and off and/or change destination numbers from a remote location using a personal security code.

3-Way Calling
3-Way Calling allows you to include a third person into an already-in-progress, 2-way conversation. Set up your own conference calls without the hassle and expense of operator assistance! Save time and multiple calls when you're making plans with a group of friends, business associates or committees!

Toll Restriction
Total Toll Restriction prevents any chargeable calls from being made over the telephone line. The customer is unable to break dial tone when dialing "1" or "0". Local calls, toll-free calls and incoming calls are unaffected. This feature is always on the line – no activation or deactivation action is required.

Control Toll Restriction provides the customer with a 5-digit code, proceeded by the # sign to make long distance toll calls. This code must be entered prior to the telephone number, each time a long distance toll call is made.