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DSL from Ontario & Trumansburg Telephone Companies gives you high-speed Internet access over your existing phone line. You'll experience all the benefits of a high-speed Internet connection at a price that's right for you.


You are always connected with DSL. No more dial-up connections.
Be on the phone and Internet at the same time. No more busy signals!
No usage limit.
Free Technical Support.
Shop, pay bills, play games, job hunt or surf the web – all at your fingertips, FAST!!!
Save even more by bundling DSL with your Local and Long Distance Service.


DSL Light: Up to 1 Mb down/256 Kb up, 1 Email Address, Webmail Portal and SPAM filtering

DSL Basic: Up to 3 Mb down/512 Kb up, 2 Email Address, Webmail Portal and SPAM filtering

DSL Titanium: Up to 6 Mb down/768 kb up, 5 Email Address, Webmail Portal and SPAM filtering

Call 1-866-353-7209 to speak with a Customer Service Representative. They will work with you to make sure your equipment meets the minimum requirements for DSL.

Schedule an appointment for a technician to test your line. If the technician determines that the necessary equipment is in place, DSL will be turned on. If you choose the self-install option, our technician will leave the equipment and instruction kit for you. If you choose the full-install option, our technician will come out and install the equipment and software for you.

If we determine that DSL is not available in your area, we will leave a letter stating that we can't provide the service to your location at this time. You will be added to a waiting list and notified as soon as DSL becomes available in your area.